Blessed Be the Tie That Binds

My writing process looks like this: I roll out of bed, hit the start button on my laptop, put on my robe and sit down at my desk. I open the word file on my desktop titled “The Book of Chery-Chap 63-Transparency Pages 1-365.” The file opens and I scroll to the bottom and stop at the empty page. I type in the page number and date and then I sit staring at the empty page. I allow my mind to free-associate until some thought comes to the foreground and grabs my attention. I type in the thought and continue to free-write until I reach the bottom of the page. Then I stop, run spell check, copy and paste it into my Blog and print a hard copy for my binder. This usually takes about 45 minutes.
TruthBlessed be the tie that binds.” I sat in a pew, my feet not touching the floor, next to my Grandmother Emma the first time I sang those words. I don’t remember the rest of the song but this morning that song phrase came into my still sleepy brain.
It catches my attention and I think about the ties in my lifetime that are binding. That pew was a Christian Protestant pew so I’m pretty sure that song was singing about the tie to Christ. For me it has a different meaning. The blessed ties that are binding are my enduring relationships.
What creates an enduring relationship? Not blood, of that I am sure. Not age, nor religion, nor sex, nor ethnicity. Not politics, sexual preference, profession or economics. What then? What is the tie that binds one human being to another? I will not call it love, too small and overused a word that has lost its credibility.
If it isn’t any of the superficial trappings of society nor the biological factors of age, sex or ethnicity that bind us then I need to look deeper. Deeper, underneath human biology and the domestication of civilization lies a Truth about ourselves. Putting language to that Truth becomes a challenge for me. Essence is nice…core, crux, heart, spirit, soul…these words point me in the right direction. Yet, the Truth eludes me. Perhaps because it cannot be reduced to a thought or a word. The non-dualist writers, whose books I devoured for a period, would say what I am seeking is “beyond concept.” That means it is beyond the limitations of thought. My poor little brain is not capable of conceptualizing the Truth. My body just relaxed. Ahhhh, I can give up trying because it just ain’t gonna happen.
The tie that binds is a Truth that I cannot name because it is beyond naming. What I am capable of is sensing it. I can feel it through my senses. I can feel a sensation that my body recognizes even if my mind cannot name it. Right now, I can hold the image of a beloved friend in my mind’s eye and I feel a sensation in my body. The unnamable arises in my body as a soft, warm relaxed feeling of safety and acceptance. The tie that binds me to this person is a sense that we are operating on a vibrational frequency that is projecting our reality to the same screen. We are “seeing” the world through the same eyes. We “get” one another. There is a mutual support system inherent in this level of frequency that creates the feeling of safety we have with one another. I can drop my domestication in their presence and trust that the truth of me is enough.
We are bound to one another by our personal and conjoined experience of life. We have found another who is like the other and in that experience life has a meaning and a joy that transcends all else. I dedicate this page to my Kindred Spirits.


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