Weather Report

Here I am. I survived yesterday’s virus attack. That was the strangest virus I’ve experienced. I felt yucky on Saturday, mainly just weak and lethargic. But on Sunday I woke with a high fever and body aches to the extreme. About 3 pm my fever broke, the aches subsided and I felt pretty normal. The only symptoms I have this morning are a mildly sore throat and light chest congestion. I feel fortunate that I have these passing occasional virus attacks but no chronic disease process. Feeling sick really makes me appreciate being well. What next?
Farmer weeding maize field in Bihar, India

Inspiration and Expiration
She is aging
The old woman at the well
drawing her wash water to take back to the hut.
Years of toil and tribulation
caring for others at the expense of herself
have taken their toll.
Her pale blue eyes lie deep
in soft folds
of brown velvet.
Her back is stooped
under the weight of
eighty years and the burdens she bears.
Her legs are bowed;
Her shoes and dress worn thin.
The world won’t know when she passes.
She will be put to rest without fanfare or ceremony.
But those she has spent her life
caring for will feel the truth.
Her life held an intricate
place in the Universe.
Without her breath moving in and out
The whole of existence is changed forever.


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