Oh, Holy Virus

VIRUS-Hepatitis-B-Virus-black-11-300x300  Virus PhotosVirus Cells copyright Russell Knightly220px-Harneygranite

Dr. John Upledger, founder of CranioSacral Therapy, taught me that the Virus cell, is the smartest cell on the planet.  Capable of subterfuge, camouflage, sequestering, and so very much more, it fascinates me that we cannot live without them, they are crucial to evolution, and it will probably be a virus that takes out the human race.  I am feeling the effects of a potent virus that has multiplied in my body to the point where my immune system has gone into high alert and is fighting with ferocity to bring my body back to homeostasis.  The symtoms feels like I’ve been run over by a mac truck!

I can hear my heartbeat in my ears; my head aches and my lips are dry.  My nose feels stuffy and the inside of my mouth is sore.  Lethargy describes well my general lack of enthusiasm for life and every bone and muscle in my body aches like I spent yesterday at the gym doing heavy lifting for ten hours.  My temperature runs hot and cold first with the chills and then suffocating warmth.  My throat is sore and I have a dry cough that hurts.  I am one sick puppy and I am quarantining myself today.  This too shall pass.

Here is a link to learn more about the most important cells on the planet.

Virus Intelligence: Are Viruses Alive and Sentient?


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