Deadwood Mining Camp

Deadwood Mining Camp

Harney Peak

Harney Peak


Place of my birth

Your history has captured me.

I walk your muddy streets

In my dreamtime.

1876- Gold Strike!

Lawless camp.

Prospectors pinch gold from hills and streams

With pick and pan.

Opportunists pilfer gold from pockets

With whiskey, cards, and whores.

Outlaws all

They stole, Hesapa, Black Mountains,

From the Sioux

Who took it from the Cheyenne

100 years before.

Both tribes call Hesapa

Axis Mundi, Sacred Center of the World.

Opportunities abound

To become rich

Or to die a brutal death.

Life is simply survival

Amidst the harsh realities

Of this hallowed ground.

What man does to himself is held by the land.

In Holy Communion

She forgives again and again.


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