Be Still and Listen…

The Spirit of this land is a Deva.
She speaks to me through the trees.
She whispers in the breeze
That rustles the live oak leaves.
I hear her in the melting snow
Dripping from the roof.
She’s laughing in each sunbeam
That dances across the floor.
Only when I nestle my bare feet
Deep into the sandy soil
And drop inside to find
The deepest part of me
Can I understand her message.
Only when I rest in stillness
Letting go of all expectations
Does her song sing in my ears.
Only then does the hoot of the owl
And the snow falling in the moonlight
Have a language that I know.
And her message is so true
That is seeps into my bones.
“There is nowhere to go.”
“There is nothing to do.”
“There is nothing to think about.”
“All is well just as it is.”
“Trust is the key that opens the door to a fulfilling life.”
“Gratitude is the response to every experience.”


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