English: Ellwyn's "Fairie" Glen

English: Ellwyn’s “Fairie” Glen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long, long ago, in a land far away, lived a young girl who danced with the fairies and howled with the wolves.  She didn’t have human friends; they thought she was strange and shunned her.  So she went into the woods and called to the creatures who lived up in the trees, beneath the mushrooms and down in the holes in the earth.  They could see that she was kind and true so they revealed themselves to her.  She told them her name was Faith.

Faith would sit on a mossy rock or under the canopy of a tree and sing. Birds would sit on her shoulders and deer would lay their heads in her lap. She was delighted by the connection she had with the nature all around her.  She felt safe and happy to be alive.

One day, as she was getting a drink of water from the stream, a fairie appeared.  The fairie told Faith to trust and follow her.  Faith was excited and joyfully went where the fairie took her.

They arrived in a large, circular meadow surrounded by the forest.  In the center was a huge boulder, round and flat, that Faith could lie on.  The warm sun caressed her skin and she fell asleep.  When she awakened, a circle of animals were standing around her and she understood that they were her guardians.

The fairie smiled and took her hand and helped her slide off the big stone.  When her feet touched the ground she noticed a tunnel going down into the earth.  The long grass growing up around the stone covered the opening making it appear smaller than it actually was.  Faith knew her spirit and animal friends were waiting for her to slide down the tunnel and drop into the earth. And so she did.

The tunnel curved down many feet but the light of the sun followed her and she could see that she had arrived in a small room.  In front of her was a huge wooden door that looked ancient.  Faith’s curiosity was powerful and her courage was great so she pulled the door open just enough to slip through.

What was waiting on the other side is beyond human description but the words Technicolor dreamscape come close.  A well-worn path led through a field of brilliantly colored flowers in every hue of the rainbow.  The sky was deep blue and clouds floated slowly across the horizon.  In the distance was a crystal lake resting at the foot of purple mountains covered in tall evergreen trees.  Everywhere she looked was the beauty of an extraordinary landscape.  Faith laughed as she skipped down the path toward the mountains in the distance.

She knew that her trust had brought her here and what awaited her was an opportunity to experience things outside of ordinary reality.


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