The Practical Side of Vision Manifestation

Live Oak

Live Oaks live on Mountain Valley Retreat

I’m back at my desk in our bedroom at Mountain Valley Retreat in California. I flew from Lake Charles, LA yesterday.
I don’t have another plane ticket in my travel file. This is a highly unusual occurrence for me. Since my late twenties I have been a traveler. Each year my calendar filled up with trips and I would often have two or three sets of tickets filed for future adventures out and about the world. Not now. I am home!
This is the first time I have wanted to stay home. “Away” was always more attractive to me than “Here.” I felt a sense that there was something for me “out there” that I couldn’t get “in here.” I loved the stimulation of new places, new cultures and new people. I was excited by unfamiliar sights, smells and tastes and the sense of adventure I got when venturing into the unknown.
Since the vision of Mountain Valley Retreat downloaded into my consciousness, the thrill of adventure shifted from “out there” to “in here.” I am being tested by invitations to travel to places I love (U.K.) and have never been (India.) When I hear myself saying no to these amazing invitations for international adventure I realize the change I feel within myself has multiple dimensions. One of these dimensions is a level of commitment and discipline which honors my vision.
When I sink into the feeling of staying out of jets for the remainder of this year it is strangely familiar. I know what it is! It’s the same feeling I had after I “shifted” on Sunday, January 27th. It feels like a huge pressure has lifted and I feel light. My mind feels clear and uncluttered. I feel released and relaxed.
“Nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to think about…” is a mantra I use as part of my induction process for myself and others for meditation, yoga, and on the treatment table. It is one of the most relaxing and connecting phrases I have found along with “be here now, in this”, “just breathe”, and “feel your feet.”
Perhaps my commitment to stay at home and build my retreat is a metaphor for my commitment to stay in my body and be here now. Maybe if I can honor these outer commitments to myself, I will be able to honor the inner commitment to staying fully present and meeting each breath with gratitude and compassion. Perhaps with the pressure off, my ability to trust my vision and hear my next step will remain clear and I will have all that I need to manifest this dream.
Staying “home” and all that implies is the practical side of manifesting my vision.


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