Lioness (Photo credit: Crouchy69)

I woke up with a vision of steps in my mind. They are old wooden steps coming down a vine covered hillside.
I am in Louisiana visiting my daughter. She will be twenty-seven tomorrow. She is my baby. A statuesque beauty with poise, talent, and a huge open heart…she is living proof that my years of struggle in an unfulfilled marriage had a pay-off. She and her brother are it.
The steps in my dream are chunks of railroad tie. They are narrow in width and spaced apart so that the green of the plant-life is around each one. They are not straight but are set into the hillside following its natural contours. Over the hill is the sea.
What does this dream have to do with my daughter? I don’t know. For a moment I forgot that free writes don’t have to make sense and my mind was searching for a connection. Whew…got that one off my back.
I am really heart-happy to be here. I feel like I want to soak her up like a sponge. I have had a visitor in California for the past week. She and I share a mother-daughter-like connection and now being with my own daughter is especially sweet.
When she was little I called her “Cookie” sometimes. I’ll call her that now.
Cookie has an even personality. When all her young friends in Jr. High were into high drama, Cookie was the cool, collected one. When she was eighteen and I told her I was leaving her father she lost her cool. She became uncollected and she released her wildness! She went into such an emotional trauma space, and I was so shocked and awed by it, that I stayed four more years! Cookie has a lot of power.
I don’t think she has even begun to realize her power. Her presence turns heads and I’ll bet she thinks it’s because she is looking good. It’s not about her looks. I see a Lioness when I look at her and I suspect others see it too.
Her own fierceness may frighten her. She may not yet understand how to harness her power and use it for her own good. Innocent power is like the ocean or a wild animal. It is raw and natural. Out of control it follows its own path and like the goddess Kali, may bite off the heads of ignorance that get in its way.
I want to be her gentle guide. I played a part in her domestication and I now want to facilitate her un-domestication. I want her to understand her gift of power and grow into her fierceness. I want her to know that she has nothing to fear. Her wildness is magnificent and is a force for truth. She can let her Lioness out whenever she is ready. The world needs her.


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