English: Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona.

English: Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent yesterday basically doing two things…painting the new studio and repairing my computer. This morning I have a stiff neck…overuse of my right arm and hand I suspect. It will work out after I’m up for a while.
Since I returned from Sedona on the fifteenth I have had company. My friends from Scotland came back from Sedona to spend a few days with us and then another friend arrived who is still here. These visits have been delightful and under “normal” circumstances the additional stress would have been positive and limited.
My house and land are in chaos. Construction and reconstruction are going on everywhere. Trees are being cleaned of their dead branches, solar is going in which means the ground is being trenched for electrical, my old garage is being transformed into an art studio and wash room for guests, my house is being remodeled, a new fence is being stained, a gate is under construction with a big hand-carved sign going up…and on it goes. This week I am ordering the yurt and tipi. We are striving to be ready for the opening of Mountain Valley Retreat on April 1, 2013.
I have the tools to stay grounded and present and meet each moment with gratitude and compassion. I have the tools to do this grand undertaking with grace and ease. My toolbox is buried somewhere under the chaos…I can’t find it!
KISS. I am recalling this acronym from my childhood. Nora, a friend of my mother’s, taught it to me as Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. (I have heard it said Stupid rather than Sweetheart but I’m trying to be kind to myself.) Is there a way to keep my world simple right now? It isn’t simple. It is so complicated with many people and projects interacting with me every day. It is such a contrast to how I was living before I decided to become a retreat.
I would go for days at a time and see no one but G. I had nothing to do but try to think up what to do. I was usually either arriving or preparing to leave on a trip somewhere to teach and give treatments. The trips were fulfilling and challenging and fun. That life as I knew it is now gone.
I am choosing to stay at home and create a retreat where people will come to reconnect with nature and themselves. I am following a vision I was given by Spirit. I have become a steward of this land and the guardian of my vision.
I feel very blessed to be given the opportunity to create something that may touch many lives in a positive way. This creation feels like my final project. The gates of Mountain Valley Retreat will open as I turn 63. With Spirit’s blessing and my family’s history of longevity I will have 30+ years to put my brush to this canvas.
There is no hurry, Chery. Keep it simple, Sweetheart. Breathe…there you go. Breathe again. Feel your feet resting fully on the ground. Feel your backbone. You can rest back into the support that is here for you. Trust is the key. Trust that everything you need is here now and you are not alone. Hold the vision with your wide lens and see it clearly as you proceed with the next step. You don’t need to know how it is all going to happen, just your next step. Stop several times a day to check in with yourself and ask the simple question, “What do I need right now?” Notice I didn’t say, “What do I need to DO right now?” Honor yourself by listening to your heart and responding with compassion. It is all going to be okay.
I found my toolbox.


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