Dark Passenger

My good friend, Caryn, turned me on to Dexter last year. I’m hooked. I love the dialog and the plot loaded with irony, pathology, and psychological mayhem. I love the pair of docs…paradox. When I was in school, I devoured human anatomy. Totally fascinated by the absolute genius of it, human anatomy class is the first time I believed in a Power greater than myself. It was obvious to me that we humans evolved into a creature with the capacity for great balance, strength and flexibility. I saw the layers with our intricate interconnections and interdependent systems. I came to realize that this container, with its perfect self-correcting mechanism, is a vehicle for transport and sensory experiences for a bus load of personalities.
Who is driving the bus? “In my case?” “In this moment?” “Let me check.”
I am not able to clearly identify everyone. They are sitting around a long oval oak dining table. The room isn’t quite light enough to see faces. Those near the end have turned their heads to look at me. The driver is at the head of the table. I can see her face. It is me when I was 25. Her name is Lost Girl.
Interesting. Now is when my practice of neutrality comes in handy. I am resting back in my bones and feeling my feet fully on the floor. I have a little weight on my feet from the bottom of the desk. I’m doing an emergency Ground and Fill with the Lunar Breath.* Breath has smoothed out and I feel full. I’m ready to meet Lost Girl.
Fascinating. She has wise eyes and a very gentle spirit. I am sitting beside her and she has taken my hands and is holding them in her lap. She is comforting me! This is confusing. She doesn’t feel like one who has been driving my bus. This is some kind of a set up. Who is REALLY driving my bus?
I just shifted my awareness to the inside of the bus to look at the driver’s seat. It’s big enough for TWO!
“Who is your driving partner, Lost Girl?”
Just as I suspected…it’s my Dark Passenger. Thanks, Dexter, for the name…it’s perfect!
This explains a lot! It’s time to have a bus meeting and take nominations for a new driver (or set of drivers.)
I also want to have a sit-down with my Dark Passenger. I’m sure it will be an interesting conversation.
*www.fullbodypresence.com/Suzanne Scurlock-Durana


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