A Simple Cup of Tea

Yosemite Valley in the morning

Yosemite Valley in the morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each morning I get out of bed before the sun is up. This is a new phenomenon for me started on January 1 when I decided to write every morning. Some days I have appointments to keep and I am allowing an hour each morning for this free-write process so the early ascension is required. It goes against my nature which loves to sleep in the morning. My internal clock favors late nights and late mornings but the rest of the world doesn’t operate on that schedule so I am resetting my internal mechanisms to fit better with my world.
I am fortunate to live with a sweet soul who supports my endeavors as best he can. He doesn’t always understand me but he loves me anyway and does whatever he thinks will help me make manifest my dreams.
When I told him about my plan to write every morning for a year he encouraged me and said he would bring a cup of hot tea up to the bedroom each morning to help me wake up and write. It is sitting here steaming beside my laptop.
This may seem like a simple thing and I guess it is…a simple cup of tea. It represents to me the willingness of one human to put their own needs aside for a moment and be there to assist another. It reminds me that he “has my back.”
This feeling of being held and supported is not something I take for granted. My relationship with unconditional loving support is new to me and I am still learning to trust it enough to lean into it…and when I do, it feels really wonderful.
If you were to ask him if he feels like I have his back I think he would say “yes.” I have given my encouragement and backing to help him to fly… literally and figuratively. It feels like we have found a well-adjusted energy exchange.
“Relationships!” J. Buffett sang, “Can’t live with ‘em…can’t live without ‘em.”
This simple gesture, bringing his woman a cup of tea in the early morning hours has gone a long way in creating the feeling of “I am loved and supported. Life is good. I am able to meet this rising sun with a warm and grateful heart.”
What can I do today to bring that same feeling back around and give it to my beloved?


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