English: Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona.

English: Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was a really sweet day.  The workshop was over and my housemates and I had a “free” day before we go our separate ways and head back to our homes in Wyoming, Florida, California, and Scotland, UK.

Janie celebrated her 60th birthday on Sunday.  The women in our group created a lovely ritual for her.  We put her on the bed and massaged her with sesame oil letting her thirsty skin drink in deeply.  (Her Scottish body isn’t used to the drying air of winter in the high desert of Arizona.)  Then she went into a bath of perfumed water surrounded by candles and flowers and soaked while we sang to her and danced around her.  She is invoking the Goddess Kali bringing fierceness forward to support her intention to stay strong for her dreams and be passionate about this next chapter of her life.

After our ritual we had a lovely breakfast prepared by the men while we were cloistered in the “women’s temple.”

There are eight of us staying together in this house.  We all loaded into my car (two in the baggage compartment) and headed for Cathedral Rock to hike to the summit of my favorite of the magnificent red rocks in Sedona.  Laurie needed support to make the summit for her first time and two of us stayed with her pausing to rest and appreciate the beauty of the sky and rocks often.

At the summit we basked in the glory of our triumph, took funny photos and rested in the powerful feminine energy flowing up from the vortex.  The temperatures were in the 30’s but the heat from our mutual connection kept us warm (except for my fingers!)

After our decent we went to the Chocolate Tree (a raw food restaurant) and Janie treated us to lunch to celebrate her birthday (some more) and we were surprised to run into two other participants from the workshop that joined us for conversation and laughs.

I drove back to the house and let everyone out and then headed back to town to do a little last-minute shopping I hadn’t had time for during the week and fill my car with gas for the long drive home today.  Two of my women friends came along to keep me company.  We put some good music on and sang along enjoying our time together.

Back at the house, the evening turned into a festival of chocolate, good red wine and wild and crazy dancing!  We laughed long and deep at our antics, lip syncing and mimicking of bands.  (Three of us tied scarves around our heads so we could have “long hair” for our rendition of Tina Turner’s “Rolling on a River.”)

It was all spontaneous, uninhibited, creative and totally without any self-consciousness.  Why does this happen every time we get together?  It happens because our connection is true and deep.  We are authentic with one another.  We have learned to love each other unconditionally.  We neither try to control nor do we judge.  We make no assumptions and ask for what we need.  The feeling of safety within our circle is absolute so our hearts open wide and a ribbon of connection runs through us all.  We are blessed.


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