Not for the Faint of Heart

Conscious living is not for the faint of heart. Going through life in the brain fog of denial is one thing, but choosing to explore the depths of my shadow is an act of courage that has taken years of working up to. It began as shallow dives into the surface layers of suppressed memories with the help of skilled therapists. As the years progressed and my diving skills improved, I learned that I could bring my traumas to the surface for examination without dying. My courage grew and my dives went deeper. At one point I knew that the gains so outweighed the pains that I chose to go for it and approached each session taking on the attitude of a warrior who relishes going into battle with the confidence of a victor. Gone was the victim who shrinks in the corner fearfully waiting for the beating. I entered each round with an attitude that said, “Bring it on! Hit me your best shot!”
I learned throughout my twenty years of mining the depths of my personal human experience that traumas were not just in my brain’s memory but in the tissues of my body. I quit the traditional psychologists and got on the tables of somato-emotional body workers…and I became one. That was when the real search for my soul began. The year was 1996.
When I approach a therapeutic situation now there is no longer any fear of what I might find still lurking in the shadows of my psyche. I move into each opportunity to become more transparent with curiosity and excitement. I am never disappointed and often surprised at what shows up to be examined, understood, forgiven and released.
Today is another one of those opportunities. I am sitting on a circle of fellow seekers who have gathered their courage to face the fire of self-examination at the deepest levels. There is nowhere to hide from the truth. The circle of support that holds us and the tools we are given to find and reveal our deep holdings and limiting beliefs make the painful exposure possible.
This is not a place for the faint of heart. Those who choose this path of self-discovery are bold and daring explorers. The reward for their fearlessness and resolve is the possibility to live an authentic life. They may find their own courageous warrior is right there, ready to battle for their birthright of a life of soul. A life where fear and self-loathing are defeated and vulnerability and self-love are the champions.


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