A Thin Thread

It is a thin thread that connects us to life as we know it. In a blink of an eye we can be transported from one life experience to another that is completely foreign to us…or even to an experience beyond life.
I have a friend that is like a sister to me. When she asks me to do something for her, I will do everything I can to comply. It is never a burden, but rather a joy because I love her.
Last week she called. A friend of hers I don’t know had been in an accident in Phoenix. While riding an ATV helmetless she fell and hit her head. At the time she didn’t lose consciousness and it was decided a hospital visit wasn’t necessary. The next day, however, symptoms started showing up that indicated a concussion so she went to the ER.
An arterial tear in her right carotid artery caused a large ischemic right hemisphere stroke and a smaller cerebellum stroke on the right side. She is paralyzed on her left side. Soon after she was admitted she was put into a drug induced coma while a 4X8 inch section of skull was removed to take the pressure of her swollen brain. She has a fracture at C-4. This was in early December. She was recently moved from the ICU to a rehab center to begin the process of reclaiming the life she knew.
Lana lives in a beach town in Los Angeles not far from my friend. They met through their love of scuba diving. Lana is an adventurer. She loves to climb mountains, dive into the sea, and fall out of airplanes.
I met Lana yesterday. I am in Phoenix on other business which made it possible to see her. My friend and I are both CranioSacral Therapists. We work with trauma. At my friend’s request, I went to see Lana to offer my hands and my presence to her broken body.
As I sat in her room holding her paralyzed hand I looked at the walls covered in cards and photographs. They told me the story of a young woman who is well loved and loves well. They showed me snapshots of her adventurous life…a life of high risk and great reward.
Lana is beginning to recover her life. She can speak and expression is returning to her eyes and her face. The numbness of her left side is now replaced with a tingling sensation as her nerves wake up. At the end of this month she will be flown back to L.A. to another rehab facility to finish the work of learning to walk and use her left arm again.
She told me she likes to solve problems in reference to her work as a software analyst. I believe she will continue to solve the problems that arise as she works her way back to life as she knew it. I walked away with renewed respect for human life and our ability to mend the broken thread.


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