Crack of Dawn

If humans were meant to get up before the sun rises we would be able to see in the dark!  WTF, my body knows that it’s supposed to be snuggled under that down comforter with my purring cat, Lemur, curled up to my belly, not sitting here in this cold room with the propane heater hissing and my hoodie drawn around my face as I type out page 5.

God bless G, who brings me a cup of hot tea every morning to support me in my intention to write this blog before I leave the bedroom.  Most days I have the luxury of sleeping until 7 when the early light of the sun is filtering through the blinds.  Today it’s 6 and the sunlight has not yet made it over the crest of the mountain.

Okay, enough whining about having to get up in the dark. G got up in the dark five days a week for 13 years to be at the school by 6.  I really am a spoiled Princess (G says I’m a Queen that has retained some of her Princess traits.)  I know it. I make no apologies for who I am.  Does the Princess have any more choice about her lot in life than the Pauper?

 I have worked all my life in one way or another.  I started babysitting when I was 12…made $.25 an hour to watch three little girls.  When I was married I taught school for 10 years and then ran the farm for another 10 while I stayed home to raise my kids.  That was followed by years of yoga and bodywork training and my own business, a Yoga and Massage Center. (Was that a “Princess Disclaimer?”)

After my divorce, I met G and moved to California and I haven’t worked much since.  I’ve been in a kind of limbo for four years waiting for a sign or an urge to tell me what to do next.  In these remote mountains we have way more ground squirrels than people so teaching yoga and giving bodywork treatments is not much of an option.  I could commute 90 minutes to the city but then there is that “Queen” thing.  The “Queen” doesn’t think she should have to drive anywhere.  She thinks her subjects should come to Her.

In mid-2012 the vision came.  I was sitting in my therapeutic mineral pool looking out through the morning haze.  (The hot pool is the only civilized place to watch the sun rise on a cold morning.)  As I looked across the yard at the ridge that rises to the road, I could see a structure.  The more I focused on it, the more detailed it became.  All that day, I walked around my property and I could see the details of structures and gardens where in ordinary reality there is only the high-desert floor.  I could see a tall fence lining the boundaries of my small holding of land.  I could see Mountain Valley Retreat, a safe haven for hikers and flyers who have been drawn out of the city to get closer to Nature.

So my work has been laid out for me.  I am building my vision in ordinary reality.  Every day another part of the pictures manifests from the land of dreams and visions to this place of ordinary reality.

 I need to lose this crown and put on my jeans.  I’m heading down the hill to Home Depot this morning with my builder.



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