I discovered Tarot cards at University in 1970. My first was the AG Muller 1JJ deck imported from Switzerland to the US that same year. I have used intuitive methods of divination for the past 42 years. They have served me well.
Over the years I collected a number of decks. I was usually attracted to the beauty of their artwork. While I was doing a work-study month at Esalen several years ago, I was introduced to the Osho Zen deck. My work crew would take a “check-in” break mid-morning to connect and see how everyone was feeling. Sitting around a table, our crew leader would spread the deck face down before us. One by one we would choose a card; give a one word “check-in” as to how we were feeling and then talk about the significance of the card we had pulled. When I left Esalen I ordered the deck and I have been using it exclusively since.
Four years ago I moved to California to live with my friend, G. We have used the Osho cards extensively to access our deeper wisdom and intuitive guidance for our personal experience and as a couple.
Last night we set our alter, got out the cards and went through our process to select three cards for the New Year. A card for G, one for me, and one for the couple that is us.
The card that came to me is Receptivity. From the 79 cards in the deck, this card represents the essence of the Feminine. When I am receptive I allow in. If I am to be skilled at being receptive I must become passive…I must surrender to the giver. The quality of “being” is cultivated as no “doing” is required of the receiver.
Two weeks ago I put a “sharpie tattoo” on my left wrist. On the top inside the face of a watch with no hands it says “NOW.” On the inside are the letters BGISS. They stand for Breathe, Ground, Integrate, Surrender, Smile.
There was a time when the idea of surrender was so abhorrent to me I would never associate it with myself let alone determine to cultivate it. But like “Innocence” and “Vulnerability”, I have realized that “Surrender” is not a trait of the weak and helpless, but rather an attribute of the courageous and the strong.
So, 2013 will be the Year of Receptivity for me. How well will I learn to surrender? How deeply will I cultivate vulnerability? With what tenacity will I reclaim my innocence? Only with steadfast diligence to these, the attributes of Receptivity, will I be able to open fully to receive the gifts of the Giver.


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