New Year’s Resolution

Chap 63- “2013 Transparency” Page 1
New Year’s Resolutions
I resolve to challenge myself to write every day for 365 days.
I will write when I awaken before I leave the bedroom for the first time each morning.
In 21 days my morning writing will have become a new habit.
What will come from my mind each morning?
Thought Vapors? Mind Medicine? Brain Matter? Ice Crystals? Bull Shit? Wise Words?
The good news is ~ it doesn’t matter.
The only thing that matters to me is the practice of writing. I feel the strong desire to challenge my ability to be disciplined about something and writing feels like the perfect vehicle.

Transparency: Exploration into the Truth of Who I Am
I resolve to be Transparent through the exploration of my Intelligence and Wisdom.
Intelligence: the degree to which I recognize my own patterns of domesticated behavior.
Wisdom: the degree to which I am able to allow authentic self- expression in favor of patterns of domesticated behavior.
Three reasons to stay hidden:
1) I will be arrested.
2) I will be put in a mental institution.
3) I will be loathed or pitied.
I trust that the truth of who I am will be neither criminal, nor lunatic, nor loathsome.
I am safe.
The journey of a lifetime that overflows with joy, peace, creativity and purpose is also transparent.


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