The Annual Giggle-Fest

Lynda was one of my dearest friends from the time we met.  Adam and Brekk, our two oldest sons, were in pre-school together.  As the years would pass, they would become joined at the hip and Lynda and I would happily facilitate their lives as only two full-time Moms can do.

The memories of the things we did together would fill a book.  We put in as many unpaid hours at their schools as some employees…and we LOVED to run things!  We took turns trading off as President and V Pres of this and that committee or group…always a team.

The holidays were a big deal for our families and we especially got a kick out of Halloween.  Dreaming up costumes for the boys that were coordinated culminated in the year they were Mt. Rushmore!  I kid you not!

Most of the time we spent together was related in some way to the boys or the schools, but one December we decided to spend a day in St Louis Christmas shopping.  We went to the Union Station Mall with plans for shopping, lunch, and more shopping before heading back across the river for home.

As we wandered in and out of stores discussing the merits of various items and just what would make the perfect gift for each of the names on our lists, we walked into a card shop.  Neither of us really needed a particular card but we each picked one up and started reading.  I heard Lynda giggle and said, “What?”  She read the card to me and I laughed.  So I read the one I had to her and she laughed back.  Time stood still as we stood in that store reading cards to each other and laughing for more than an hour…and not just a polite ha-ha.  The laughs started rolling and each card we read added another layer of humor to the pile and before long we were out of control!  Tears were streaming down our faces as we released all the stress of the holidays in uproarious,  deep-from-the belly, moaning, cheek-aching, breath-taking laughter.

People looked.  People stared.  People smiled.  We were in our own world and what anyone was thinking of our scene wasn’t even on our radar.  It was so memorable that we revisited the experience for many Decembers to follow.


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