Holiday Letter 2012

For the children—yours and ours.

May they live in a world of peace.

May they live in a world of beauty.

May they live remembering that there is only One of us here.                    Joan Borysenko

Holiday Greetings from Chery and George!

We are happy to say that Brekk and Genevieve & Sam and Robin are doing well and enjoying full lives with their partners and families.  Had a great visit with both kids in February for Gen’s 26th birthday!

This is the year George retired from the school district to become a professional pilot and we celebrated with a two week road trip through the southwest. We visited Chris and Jessica in Truth or Consequences and many of the Red Rock parks of NM, AZ and UT.  It was a special time for reconnection and setting intentions.

I had an exceptional birthday party in Mar de Jade, Mexico.  Friends joined me for a week of dancing and playing (with siestas as needed.)  Gratitude to Zuza and Scott for holding such a special space for us.

I made several trips to South Dakota to visit Mom and Dad and family.  At 88 Mom is taking her daily walk and Dad is playing golf.  They still kick ass at the bridge table too!  Got to love good genetics!

I took a teacher training in NYC to become a Pelvic Floor specialist in yoga.  Loved my time in the village staying with dear friend, Lauralee, and pretending I lived there.

Living close allows more frequent trips to Gregg and Jo and Sun Joo lets me sing with the Tremble Clefs when I’m there.  Oh joy, joy and more joy!  Jo took me to her glass class and I learned a bit about glass fusing.  Made a small piece and now I want a kiln!  Gregg had deep brain stimulation surgery and is enjoying improvement in his PD symptoms…he is my hero.

In the summer I returned to Illinois to teach workshops and treat my dear clients.  I also led a woman’s retreat day which blessed us all.   I stayed with three different friends over the course of three weeks and had an amazing time with each.  Thank you, Ed & Laura, Sally & George and Billy!

The Kindred Spirits Retreat was in Jackson Hole with gracious hosts Gary and Fran.  We hiked and ate and played and ate and did multi-hand CST sessions and ate and sat in circle together and ate.  It was great!

Esalen has been a big part of my life for eight years and this year was no exception.  In the summer I assisted Healing the Pelvic Floor.  I witnessed a most incredible group of women who supported one another with their deep healing.  I just returned from two weeks of assisting a group of CST students and treating the staff with Suzanne, Carlos and Chris.  I never leave Esalen without learning something about myself.  If you are curious, you are welcome to read my blog at

Thanks to our skilled and creative craftsmen, Lonnie and Randy, Mountain Valley Retreat is on schedule for opening April 1, 2013.  I hope you will come and stay with us.  We are hopeful and excited about our future!

Love, Chery and George, (and Lemur and Oscar)


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