Free Writing on Bill’s Circle

Bill Herr has a free-writing class every Thursday afternoon at Esalen.  I attend whenever I can.  We did two ten minute writes last session.  The first was open and I chose the word that won’t leave me alone, “Transparency.”  The second writing prompt was “Peace.”  I was curious to hear a shadow side of myself emerge in this piece.  I share these with you.  Two ten minute free-writes, unedited.


I want to be seen

I found the courage to let you see me naked…

And now I want to be transparent.

When I am transparent you will know all of who I am

You will see my light and my shadow

You will see into every corner where the old dusty memories lie

All my secrets will be revealed.

Could there be a word that is more overused? Oh yes, love!
Peace Man! O Holy Peace! Let there be peace… but all we need is love.
Piece of cake this business of peace!
Teach only love.
Peace and love.
War and hate.
We are one crazy bunch of fucked-up humans!
We are one magical bunch of amazing humans!
Paradox this motha-fucka!
I am walking the knife’s edge that cuts through the crap!
What do I know? Not a thing.
And knowing that I know nothing is the wisdom of a wise one.
a truth within a lie….a lie within a truth…
And the one thing I am sure of?
None of it matters a whit!


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