Esalen Afternoon

Ivy is hanging on the side of the pine.
Laughter and chatter rise up from the deck below Porter’s Yurt.
Good work is done with hands and heartfelt intention.
A little shakiness in my nervous system tells me I’m pushing my edge.
Opportunities for growth abound.
I sense I am seen quite differently than I feel.
I sense that I am not alone in that phenomena of human suffering.
I long to feel so safe and secure within my own skin that nothing can shake my resolve to move forward through life knowing that all is pure perfection.
I practice stepping out of my comfort zone.
I take the risk of being seen over and over until it stops feeling like a risk.
I cannot be seen if I don’t expose myself.
I cannot make connection if I am not seen.
Remaining invisible is safe but lonely.
I choose transparency!
All that I am opens to anyone who cares to know me.


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