Freedom Has Wings

Eagle Rock

I’m shifting. Some things are leaving. This fear about not having enough (money) is losing it’s grip. And the belief: “Anything worth doing makes money!” is proving itself invalid. What about a selfless act of courage? Is that worthless? What about the creation of a beautiful piece of art, a tasty meal, a big stretch? I see the value in taking a walk outside, petting my cat, talking to a friend, visiting my kids. I gain so much from tending my plants, playing the piano, painting, writing, cleaning my house.
As the grip of fear of not having enough loosens, the feeling is freedom. The thought is “You have nothing to lose! Live your life “full-out!” Follow your joy.”
Each day is a fresh opportunity to take a risk and do something new. There is no one and nothing to stop me now. The world awaits with open arms and a big smile. I can sing out loud…dance with wild abandon…paint big and bold…roll in the grass…sit on the beach and watch the ocean all day…snuggle in a puppy pile with my friends. It is all good.


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