The Dance

Even though I am human

I love and accept myself

wholly and completely

just the way I am right now.

Right now

in this holy moment

I stand on the sand.

I feel out through all my senses

and all I perceive – is love.

The sunlight dances on the water

and warms my back.

The ocean sings its song of life everlasting

with its endless ebb and flow.

I breathe in the stillness

as my body sends out roots of connection

into the world that appears all around me.

I breathe out my gratitude.

I am finding my dance!

Like a baby wobbles its first steps

so do I

wobble and fall.

The invitation comes again and again

and I answer the call…

To Risk

To Move

To Run

To Fall

To Leap

To Soar

To reach deep into the core of my being

and expose the only truth.


In this, the only holy moment

I AM here

and the only thing to do


Chery Owens

March 16, 2012 at Mar de Jade


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