I was blessed this week with the opportunity to work with two dear friends who are also colleagues. We live across the country from one another so we work over the phone as if we were physically together. It seems that time and space disappear with the intention to be together and support one another in the challenges of life; be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
I just finished reading The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho and the images of the road to Santiago are fresh in my mind. The idea that I may some how, some way, some day make the walk myself is pulling strongly at my heart.
In the first of my sessions I was the recipient and in the second I was the facilitator. It does not matter which role I have in these sessions. I always feel as if we are working on some universal pattern which is relevant to both of us and I receive the same benefit regardless of whether I am “receiving” or “giving.”
At the end of my first session I started sharing my insights from The Pilgrimage and my interest in walking the road to Santiago. My friend posed the question, “What will you have when you reach the end of the Pilgrimage?” I sat with his question and the answer that surfaced was, “Nothing more than I will have when I begin the Pilgrimage!”
My answer surprised me! What did I mean by those words?
In the days since I thought them I have come to understand that I meant this: There is nothing to be gained by any goal I set. There is no advantage to be reaped by any achievement I complete.

I am whole and complete just as I am in this moment. I am Spirit made manifest in human form and I am evolving and changing moment to moment in this illusion we call life.  The highest attainment I can reach is to experience feelings of Joy and Peace in each moment.  Joy and Peace are always available to me…they are the current that is always running beneath the surface of my experience.  It is my choice, in each moment, to trust  that all is happening just as it should be in perfect universal harmony regardless of my egoistic projections and perceptions.

My goals and desires, no matter how lofty, my achievements and accomplishments, no matter how great… the only questions of significance are, “Am I experiencing joy and peace in THIS step of my life journey?”  “In this moment, am I filled with joy and delight for this life I’ve been given and is my heart at peace?”

When I can always answer yes to those questions I will be “enlightened.”  All burdens will be lifted and I will feel light as my inner light shines.

The choices I make as to what I do with my time are meaningless next to the choice to dive into the current of joy and peace that is flowing through me regardless of my circumstances and inclusive of all human conditions.


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