The Voice of the Divine Feminine

The Voice of the Divine Feminine spoke to me today.  This is what she said…

“Do not concern yourself with the means by which your journey will move forward.

Focus on your intention to be a voice of peace, a voice of support, a voice of reason in the world.

Focus on being an instrument of healing to everyone who crosses your path.

Allow your Self to expand fully into the dimensions of Spirit that are You.

Concern yourself not with the concerns that others may have about the path you are destined to walk.  For your journey is yours alone.  Accept with gratitude the loving support of your Kindred Spirits.

Trust the Universe… for as you walk the path of Authenticity you are supported, wholly and completely and will want for nothing.

Believe in yourself for you are no less than a child of God.

The time is now for you to drop all guilt and all feelings of lack and realize yourself as the gift to the world that you are.  For to accept that you are a gift to the world is not arrogance…it is to recognize the deep and powerful manner in which you are meant to serve.

So rise up into your true nature.  Step forward with confidence and be one of the light beings who serve creation with grace and love.”


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