A Recovering Innocent

Innocence & Wasp Flyby

        Innocence & Wasp

A Recovering Innocent

“The essential self is Innocent, and when it tastes its own Innocence knows that it lives for ever.”[1]

I am a late bloomer.  I have always felt like I am walking at the back of the parade.  I believe that when I was born, it took me a while to fully enter this dimension of reality.  With one foot in this world, and one in the realm of Spirit I had just left, I had an initial experience of Innocence, my natural state of being.  Innocence felt simple, trusting, pure, and had a sense of incorruptibility.  Actions had a sense of ease and effortlessness.

In this life, this experience of my body and the perception of duality that comes with it, Innocence was easily lost.  I have been wandering through life believing in the perception of good and evil and with that perception Innocence struggles to feel safe and remain embodied.

Reclaiming my Innocence is an act of faith.  I am making a choice to believe that Innocence is “like polished armor, it adorns and defends.” [2] I am choosing to believe, “It is Innocence that is full and experience that is empty.  It is Innocence that wins and experience that loses.” [3]

Reclaiming my Innocence is an act of forgiveness. Not an act of pardon and absolution to all those who participated in my lost Innocence, but rather a deep understanding that there is truly nothing to forgive.  For as I am Innocent, so is every other human being. Through my own recovered Innocence I am able to perceive the Innocence of others.

“The silence of pure innocence persuades when speaking fails.” [4]

The invitation is before me. I choose to embody my own Innocence and to explore that reality within this apparent existence of duality.

The Exploration

What if my feet and legs were so strong and steady that nothing could knock me off center?

What if my pelvis got so soft and open that I stopped gripping my tailbone and every step became a dance?

What if my eyes got such clarity that my vision was Technicolor high def or vibrating energy depending on where I focused my attention?

What if my ears could hear the music in every sound?

What if my needs and desires vanished in an experience of abundance?

What if the voice in my head was always a Loving Presence of reassurance telling me everything is okay?

What if my sensory input took in only that which nurtured and nourished me?

What if I gave up my need to be right and discovered the entire concept of right and wrong is a myth?

What if I gave up all control and discovered I was safe anyway?

What if I gave my wide-open-hearted self with wild abandon to everyone I met?

What if I surrendered to my fears and they all turned to love?

What if my presence and touch healed?

What if I reclaimed my innocence and discovered the pure essence that is within me?



In Gratitude

Thank you for your part in my experience that has brought these concepts and explorations into my awareness.

Thank you for your examples of innocent curiosity and willingness to explore.

Thank you for loving me so courageously, so fiercely, and so tenderly.

Thank you for weaving this basket of safety so I could dive deep in search of the truth of who I am.

Blessing of Intention

May we, Beings of Light in Human Containers, continue to explore our truth with love and courage, following the path home to our Magnificent Divine Selves.

[1] John Updike

[1] Bishop Robert South

[1] Charles Peguy

[1] Shakespeare

©2011 Chery Rae Owens, BS, NCTMB, CMT,www.owensholistictherapy.com


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