Clearing Beliefs=Innocence

So here is the connection I am seeing…

As I clear out my beliefs/memories from my unconscious mind (the part of iceberg that is under the water) what I uncover is my lost innocence.  Innocence is the ability to see the world through fresh, unfiltered eyes.  It is the unconscious memories (both my own and the lineage of memories I inherited with my DNA) that are the belief filters on my present experience.  They are in fact the creators of what I am perceiving as all that doesn’t support them is filtered out.  Of the trillions of bits of information that pore into my body each moment, only a few thousand bits make it to conscious awareness and those are the few that support the unconscious beliefs/memories I am holding.  Innocence is the state of clarity that exists prior to construction of the ego from the beliefs/memories that get layered on from the moment of conception.

Is it possible to clear out all beliefs/memories?  It seems to me that if I do, existence as I know it will cease.  Perhaps it is possible to clear out enough that my perceptions will become more like a child, more full of awe and wonder, more innocence.  Perhaps each moment can be perceived as the miracle it is without expectations and judgments.

What do you think?


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